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Cash on the Move ATMs boast the most up to date security systems and the latest software upgrades that are ever-evolving to deter security breaches. Our ATMs are chipped and can be tracked at all times wherever they may travel, offering a serious deterrent to anyone who may consider removing one.

During events, Cash on the Move ATMs are continually monitored by our team of ATM Engineers, who are supported by ATM Marshals and additional security personnel who mingle with the queues and crowds to offer an immediate response to any issue.

Security is of paramount importance to Cash on the Move and we always do our utmost to liaise with event organisers to help ensure the safety of the visiting public and our own staff. All our ATM locations are well lit and covered by a 24hr presence to provide the safest cash-withdrawing environment.

Cash on the Move ATM Engineers have cleared security screening to BS7858, a recognised standard within the UK CIT industry. They are easily identifiable to the public in Cash on the Move uniforms and carry identity cards at all times.

Cash on the Move vehicles are fitted with Category 1 alarms and immobilisers, and GPS trackers continually report their every movement. Vehicles with integral ATMs have been specially designed and constructed to securely incorporate our ATMs.

Cash on the Move works closely with reputable CIT operators such as Loomis, G4S and RMS. We also liaise with local Police forces and take covert steps to ensure the security of cash, both in-transit and on location.