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Q: Who supplies the cash?
For events, we will usually provide all the cash and replenish the machines as part of our service but we are also happy to discuss self-fill options in order to assist our clients. Fixed ATMs can also be fully managed, or self-fill.
Q: What do you charge?
We charge the consumer a fixed fee per withdrawal. Our fee varies depending on the type of event/fixed site location and expected withdrawal quantities.
Q: What does an event organiser have to do?
16amp mains power is required for all our vehicle-based solutions, although our fleet does include a limited number of fully independent vehicles that do not require an externally supplied power source. Our freestanding or marquee based solutions operate from a normal 13amp supply and up to six units can operate from a single supply.
We ask that organisers use their best efforts to promote our service to ensure consumers are aware that cash is available on-site prior to their arrival.
We also ask that organisers agree to place us where the greatest footfall is to ensure our service is best utilised. It is also a requirement of our attendance that the organiser provides 24hr site security cover; this does not have to be at our specific location but the event site itself.
Q: What does a fixed site host have to do?
Our freestanding or through the wall solutions operate from a normal 13amp supply and a normal PSTN telephone line connection will be required. (There are no call charges associated with the operation of an ATM.)
Q: What sort of insurance do you carry?
We are covered by a £5 million public liability insurance policy.
Q: What financial systems are you connected to?
We accept UK and overseas debit & credit cards via the VISA & MasterCard platforms.